The Zoloft Birth Defects Center provides comprehensive information about birth defects linked to Zoloft use by mothers during their pregnancy.

What Happens During A Zoloft Overdose?

Zoloft Overdose

No matter the medication you are taking, it is important to closely follow the doctor’s prescribed dosage. Not only is it essential to the medication’s effectiveness, but should you take more than you are prescribed, you run the risk of overdosing. The amount of medication that leads to a Zoloft overdose depends on a variety of factors: the age of the patient, the weight of the patient, and the presence of other medications in the patient’s body are all important, among other factors.

Zoloft Overdose Symptoms

The symptoms of a Zoloft overdose will vary mostly on the severity of the overdose, and some symptoms are more serious than others. If a patient has a minor overdose, she will usually suffer from drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, agitation, or shakiness. In some cases, she may also experience an increased or slowed heart rate along with vomiting. It is worth noting that the use of “minor” here is relative and any person that overdoses to any degree should be sure to immediately contact her doctor. Some Zoloft overdoses can be life threatening and the patient may fall into a coma or suffer from seizures, hallucinations, or fainting spells.

Alert a Doctor Immediately

After alerting a doctor of the overdose, the patient may have to submit to a variety of procedures to ensure that she suffers no long-term harm. If the overdose was recent, the patient will usually have her stomach pumped and have fluids fed through an intravenous tube. The doctor will monitor her blood pressure to ensure it does not fall or rise to dangerous levels. Because a Zoloft overdose may interfere with the operation of the heart and lungs, the doctor will typically keep the patient overnight to observe any abnormalities.

Zoloft Risks

Even at normal dosage levels, Zoloft carries a variety of risks – most notably the risk of birth defects to children born to mothers taking the drug during pregnancy. If you have experienced such harm, your first step to getting compensation is through a free consultation with an experienced and capable attorney. The attorneys from the Rottenstein Law Group have a collective 25 years of experience helping clients just like you and others that are considering a zoloft birth defects lawsuit lawsuit.

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